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The following examples will give you a good indication of the potential profits you could make with so many products to promote using our product inventory. The following requires effort, and is not a get rich quick, but an indication, depending on effort applied on possibilities.


Let's say you only concentrated on lingerie, with 35% discounts compared to R.R.P.

You promoted 200 lines on this range and made 100 sales with a profit margin of £4 on each product.

That would equate to £400 profit in one week - from ONE range.

Then you may want to promote the dvd range with discounts of up to 80%.

You promoted 200 lines and made 100 sales with a profit margin of £2.50 on each product.

That would equate to £250 profit in one week - From ANOTHER range.

We currently have 9 basic ranges, which broken down will give you maybe 50 different ranges to promote. The products we have sourced and will continue to source, are products that have a high spontaneous buy ratio - meaning, through research on our product ranges, we have come up with an inventory where people naturally do not spend too much time deciding if they wish to own such a product.

If you promoted our whole range and only made a sale on 1 in 5 items, as a minimum, and only made £1 profit on each, you would generate a profit margin of up to £1600 per week,

  The Full Time Possibilities:

What if you promoted our full range and made the following:

  £2 profit on a 1 in 5 sale ratio = £3200 made per week.

  £2.50 profit on a 1 in 4 sales ratio = £5000 made per week.

  £3 profit on a 1 in 3 sales ratio = £8000 made per week.

  The Part Time Possibilities:

What if you promoted a carefully selected portion of our range:

  £2 profit promoting only 100 products per week = £200 made per week part time.

  £2.50 profit promoting only 200 products per week = £500 made per week part time.

  £3 profit promoting only 400 of our products per week = £1200 made per week part time.

As you can see, the options above are very enticing, and please remember, that we are looking to build our range of products to top the 20,000+ inventory mark. How much profit could you make then?

DropshipLand also give you all the tools you require to make these sales, together with enticements for your buyers to make you stand out from the competition. Like our current enticement of '4 free dvd rentals with every order'. You will generate many customers who just want this offer, and if a competitor was selling the same product as you, they of course would choose the seller offering the little extra - YOU. We are also looking to introduce many more of these incentives to generate a position of certainty; that any potential customer would choose you over a competitor offering less value.

  Other Options

The other earning option you have, together with selling on auction sites, is to opt for the website option with DropshipLand. Think about it, if you were selling 500+ items a week on auctions sites using our product ranges, you would VERY quickly generate a client list to which you could direct marketing campaigns to. They are YOUR customers and as they have already bought a product from you, chances are that they will be happy with their purchase and wish to buy again, and again.

Using our website option, you could populate your site using all of your auction buyer's details, giving you a fantastic sales tool. Let's say after 12 months of selling on auction sites, and selling 500 products per week, you would now have a database of 26,000 buyers with which to send a email from your website. And let's say you send an email every week to this database to offer a new product, and receive only a 2% response on a product you are making £4 on - you would generate a income, for that ONE email, of £2000+!! And that is just from ONE of your emails sent in ONE week. Staggering, and not difficult to do!

If you repeated that every week, you would make £8000+ a month just from sending 4 emails to your database! What if you sent 2/3/4 emails per week ;-)

Our company makes large revenues using these very same methods we are sharing with you. But, of course you need a great products inventory to be able to promote to such a database. You now HAVE this with DropshipLand.

This is how people in business make serious amounts of revenue, because business is fundamentally a numbers game. If after only selling DropshipLand products for 2 months on auction sites, and you sold 500 products per week, after 2 months you would still have a database of 4000 customers to which to add to your website database, ready to email to. So, after 2 months, you sent an email with a special offer, and generated a 2% buying response, you would have made £320 in a week, from 1 email - equalling £1280 a month for sending 4 emails - after only 2 months!!

Bearing in mind, this is on TOP off your auction and general website sales. There is absolutely NO REASON, why you cannot be making as much profit as you require very quickly using these techniques, and using DropshipLand as your vehicle for your product inventory.

With DropshipLand, you get the complete profit system. Not only do we have the inventory of products to generate fantastic sales on the internet, but WE OURSELVES have done this; are professionals in internet profit generation and therefore have the knowledge and information to make this happen - and so will you!

Join DropshipLand Today, and Join a team that has every interest in helping you succeed.




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