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Let us answer all the question you may have, and put your mind at ease.

  Dropshipping... What is it exactly?

Dropshipping is like having your very own mail-order business. The main advantage being that you do not have to go to all the expense and trouble of purchasing a lot of stock in advance to obtain any discounts, neither do you require any storage space.

Let us use a real life example of how dropshipping works, to help you better understand the whole procedure. We will use an example of a DVD for being the product:

You (the seller) sell an DVD on eBay;  your own website, or anywhere else for that matter. The DVD sells for £8 + £1.50 for postage and packaging. Your buyer then pays you for the DVD - a total payment of £9.50.

You would then go to our website, DropshipLand.com, log into your account and purchase the same DVD for £2.50 + £1.50 postage to your buyer. You keep the profit on the difference that you buy and sell the DVD at. In this situation the difference being £5.50 profit. It is as simple as that.

  Where does DropshipLand make money?

We make our profits by buying in volume and then selling this volume on to our members at a much smaller profit margin; leaving the member (you) to make the majority of the profits. We buy in bulk and pass the profits on to members.

Using the above scenario, if you sold 100 x products per week and made £5.50 profit, you can easily work out the potential profit margins that can be created - without even having to see, or store a single product. This is what makes dropshipping so very popular.

  Why should I use Dropshipping?

Anybody looking to earn an additional income working from home should consider dropshipping. The reasons are easy to see. Firstly, as mentioned above you never need to store any stock - a large bonus to most people looking to make extra income or start a business. Also, this is a very easy business to run. All it requires is a few hours per day to answer a few emails and place you orders on our website, and you are done.

If you started a business doing anything else, other than dropshipping, you would of course need to source products to buy; pay for them in advance; find premises to store them or have them clutter up your home. Dropshipping bypasses all of that and creates for you a simple, ready-made business that is clean. By clean, I mean that it is just a case of processing orders - without getting involved with storing, packaging or posting them. You just use our website to place orders.

  How easy is Dropshipping in practise?

In practise, dropshipping could not be easier. Once you have received an order from your buyer, you would then simply log into our website, place the order and advise us of your buyer's delivery address. We then post the item directly to your buyer. No hassle - no fuss.

  Are there any minimum orders?

Absolutely not. There are no minimum orders. If you only sell one item per customer, you only need to place the order for one item . You only need to place orders as, and when you receive them. You have no pressure to place a minimum amount of orders, and we will never ask you to place any orders you do not need to.

  Are there any additional charges to have my orders shipped?

Once you have become a member of DropshipLand, the only charges you will ever pay are for your orders to be shipped directly to your buyers. We do not keep any commissions or other payments. The profit you make from the sales is 100% yours to keep. All you pay us is the price you see on our website. It does not matter how much profit you make. It is yours to do with as you please.

  Do You put any company details on the packages or on the products?

No, we do not place anything to do with our company on the packaging or products we send on your behalf. All items are posted and shipped out in total plain, and protective packaging with no mention of DropshipLand. This is the whole point of using a dropshipper in the first place. The product is deemed to have come from yourself. As far as your customers are concerned you are an organised business sending first class products, and posting them in quick fashion.

  What payment methods do you accept?

We accept paypal, using credit cards and debit cards which are 100% safe. Paypal is used by 1 in 3 people in the United Kingdom, and is now the accepted way to accept payments in a secure arena.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

  What if a customer receives a faulty item?

In the unlikely event that your customer received a faulty item, all we would ask is that the item is returned to us and we will either replace or refund the item for you. It is obviously in our best interest to keep all buyers happy, and in turn the chances of them buying further products from you is increased.

Do I need to have some kind of business name?

You do not need a business name to start up using DropshipLand. We sell to individuals, wholesalers, and other organisations, without the need for a business name.

  Where do you post orders to?

DropshipLand post orders world-wide. We have customers and members in all four corners of the globe and we are very well known for our efficiency when shipping items all over the world. If you wish to just sell to the UK, then that would be your choice. If on the other hand you chose to sell Internationally, then our services caters for that too.

  Will you always have stock of an item?

Of course there are always occasions when all businesses go out of stock at some stage, and please bear in mind that we hold many thousands of product lines. Although, we have integrated a fantastic system which allows you to keep control of your sales at all time.

We have a system implemented, which lets you check if items have gone out of stock, in enough time for you to easily control your sales. We also use some of the largest wholesalers and manufacturers in the UK, and also try our very best to track down any item you have ordered. It is very rare for us to go out of stock, as long as the member uses the out-of-stock facility on our website. our members swear by it to control their business.

  What support do I get from you?

The moment you decide to join DropshipLand, and use our services as your vehicle to earn extra income, you immediately gain access to our Customer Support Team, who work 6 days per week serving your every need. There will always be a member of staff on hand to answer any query you may have. Our support team even work on a Saturday, ensuring the best all round support you could ever require.

   Do you also offer websites with your stock?

Yes, DropshipLand can also sell you your very own website, populated with as many products as you require. We are the market leaders for providing websites of fantastic quality but which are also extremely cost-effective, meaning you can concentrate on making sales. Our websites are also automatically updated on a daily basis, adding new stock for you to make great profits.

Owning your own website with DropshipLand, will also open up a whole new market to you. You will then have the opportunity of making additional sales and profits directly from the World-Wide-Web where you will literally find millions, if not billions of people looking to buy the products you are selling. The internet is awash with profits just waiting to be tapped into. Hosting for your own websites are also extremely cost-effective, costing as little as 16 pence per day. Your website can be installed and ready to make sales inside 30 minutes. More details of this great offer will be presented to you when you click any of the orange 'join now' buttons situated around our website.

  Finally Why should I use DropshipLand, when they are many other dropshippers around?

The owners of DropshipLand, have been dropshipping for our clients for more than 4 years in a professional capacity - pretty much since dropshipping came to the UK. We were one of the very first pioneers to use dropshipping as a means of the general public utilising our great buying power to make a profit for themselves.

We are also now the largest dropshippers in the UK, with not only the largest and most sustainable product range, but with the largest membership base. This means that we have the greatest buying power of any other dropshipper.

We also have more than 9000+ combined members world-wide who use our services to make a regular income. We are greatly respected in the industry as a company who can be trusted and relied up on to not only provide excellent customer service, but to also follow through on our promises to seek out the best value products for our members.


Join DropshipLand Today, and Join a team that has every interest in helping you succeed.






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