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Making sales from online auctions is now becoming very popular with many people.

With roughly 150 million registered users, eBay is one of the world's most powerful companies, online or otherwise. It had more than 1.4 billion items listed last year. For every £50 spent online worldwide, £7 was spent on eBay. Now that is impressive for a company that only started 10 years ago.

How has eBay become so successful? We believe this is due to a few key points. Firstly, eBay got it's timing exactly right when the world wide web was just taking off. This, together with the fact that people could make extra money from unwanted items, that were just cluttering up their homes, was a WINNING COMBINATION. It was not long before many entrepreneurs started realising that there was a very viable opportunity opening up here.

The reason eBay and many other online auction websites have become so successful comes down to one key issue - Their format has made it relatively easy for the average seller to make a great profit. Individuals from all over the world now have the option to create their very own business with a few clicks of their pc mouse.

Register on the auction website, place a few household items on for sale, and very soon you will be making a profit. It is a very simple, but effective formula.

How can DropshipLand help with auction sites? This also is a very simple formula. Most people start on auctions sites by selling household items they no longer require. But, when you consider that by having a full product range to sell, sometimes thousands of items, your profit can very quickly lead to a fulltime income. Millions of people all over the globe use such a system to make a great living from the internet.

Think about it this way. The market is there to be tapped into. Auction sites receive millions of visits per day, all from people looking to buy a variety of different goods. You do not need to place advertisements in newspapers to try to attract potential buyers, all you do is place a few listings on the auctions sites, and you are GUARANTEED potential buyers from all over the world, for a very reasonable fee.

So, you know the market is there, and can be easily tapped into. But, what about a product range? This is where DropshipLand comes into it. We have thousands of products cheaper than what can be bought on the high street at R.R.P (recommended retail price),  and the whole basis of buying on an auction site is to save money compared to what the buyer can buy in their high street shops. Some sellers on eBay even make a great living from selling at HIGHER prices than shops, because buying on the internet is CONVENIENT, and therefore as long as your auctions are presentable, you will make sales.

The DropshipLand Auction Sales Process:

work from home  Advertise Our Products on Auction Sites, such as eBay.

work from home When you make a sale, you seller will pay you.

work from home You Pay DropshipLand for the order.

work from home DropshipLand ships the order directly to your buyer under plain wrapping.

work from home You keep the profits.

Using DropshipLand, you will gain access to our full product range, in which to sell on eBay or any other auction site you choose. You can be making sales all over the world on your very first day - even while you sleep.

Any orders you make are also completely hassle free, because we post the items directly to your buyers. This alone can leave you to concentrate on making additional sales without having the worry associated with sending the items to your buyers. This is what dropshipping is all about. Having your very own product range without any need for storage, or postal systems being in place.

Isn't the auction market already saturated?

Well, as already mentioned, and using eBay as an example. You are literally advertising to many millions of potential buyers at any one time. There will always be a bidder logging onto the auction websites just as your auctions are about to finish, and chances are they will want to buy from you. Not many bidders will shop around for the best prices. Many bidders make it a personal challenge to win n auction at all costs. It becomes a competition to them. Amazing but true!

How do I accept payments for my auctions.

This is the simple bit. 90% of auction buyers now have access to instant payment methods. It is stated that 1 in 3 UK residents now have access to what is known as a Paypal account. Therefore, once you have made the sale, your buyer will then send payment to YOUR paypal account, which is free to set up from www.paypal.co.uk

When you log into our website to send the order to your buyer. We also accept online payment methods which are 100% secure. The advantage is, you NEVER have to pay for orders before your buyer has paid you. This is obviously a fantastic advantage and keeps your cash flow flowing.

Millions of auction sellers now generate a fulltime income from selling online. It is a great avenue for selling our range of stock, amongst others. This, together with the fact that you need never pay for any stock in advance is a totally winning combination. You could join us right now, and be selling online inside 15 minutes. DropshipLand also offer a website option with our memberships. If you decided to take a website with your membership, you would then open up a different new area of sales; because not only will you be making online sales from your auctions, but you then have the added advantage of offering thousands more products to these same buyers.

How do I get all the descriptions and images onto auction sites?

This is also another great benefit from your DropshipLand membership, because not only do we offer the descriptions and images, we have even created a file which you can use to upload the details in bulk. Our website uses what are called CSV Files containing all our descriptions and images, and if using eBay for example, you can upload thousands of products with a few clicks of your mouse.

We have done all the hard work for you. All you have to do, is decide how much profit you wish to make, and upload our products to your chosen auctions sites.

Then watch the sales come in..

Join Us Today.





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