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60 minute website business

Your Own Website Business in 60 Minutes..

Save £50, This Week Only....up to 9000+ Products



DropshipLand now gives you the opportunity to have your very own website business as the perfect compliment to your dropshipping membership.

Having your own website is on the start. Very many members use their own website to generate substantial extra sales when combined with their DropshipLand membership.

What is achievable with your own website business?

By combining a website with your membership, you will then be able to make extra sales away from the usual auction arena. By this, we mean although the majority of our members will be selling on auction websites such as eBay, CQout.com, Amazon and many others, you will now gain maximum exposure by having your own website business on the internet.

Now with eBay integration on all website templates, what does this mean?

This means a great deal to your profits. In fact, every single person and viewer who visits your website will also be able to see all your eBay products at the click of a button, meaning extra sales from those people who only like to buy from eBay - you get the both of both worlds. This is a fantastic feature and our members love it. It turns your website into the ultimate selling tool.

Can my own website help my eBay sales?

Certainly, you can even use your website email address as your eBay contact, thereby ensuring that every sale you make on an auction site will be aware that you have your own website, thus making additional sales - without paying any extra eBay fees - this alone, can save you a lot of money is lost fees.

The other alternative to maximise your eBay sales, is to place your website link into EVERY single email you ever send; to your eBay buyers; general emails and much more. This will then create a roll on effect and entice potential buyers to your website. Let's face it, if you have sold a product on eBay, or plan to using Dropshipland, then chances are that your buyers will want to see what else you have to offer.

Another important point to remember, is that eBay shops and the fees associated with owning an eBay shop have recently gone up almost 300%!!!  Why put up with such price hikes, when having your very own website creates a similar situation - without the extortionate fees involved. Again this can save you a small fortune over a period of time.

How can other sales be made by having my own website?

This is when you can make serious leaps into sales success. You see, the internet is where you can really make a difference to your finances. More and more companies are taking the internet VERY seriously. The internet is also getting more and more viewers everyday; people searching for a wide selection of products - especially the products we sell.

Just to give you an example, and the following figures, based on a selection of our products, are the amount of people searching on the internet at the time of writing: 

This is how many people are looking for these products...

(Some ranges may change, as we improve)

eBay integration website


How many of the above people could be buying from YOU - from your very own website, fully installed with up to 9000 items?

And please bear in mind that the above figures are per MONTH, month after month a similar amount of people are searching for the very items that you will be supplying from your new website. With a little website optimisation, and by submitting your website to the internet (which we can help you with), you could be potentially tapping into millions of people looking to buy your products.

These customers will buy from somewhere, why not you?

There are people who own websites making a serious amount of wealth, and they all started somewhere. Some of these people will not even have a website as detailed as the one you are about to buy, so you will have a great advantage in starting your new website business.

This is absolutely the very best time to start a website business. Why? Well, the main reason why, is that more and more people are now becoming confident about buying on the internet - more than ever before. Major retailers have also noticed this, and are also jumping onto this internet revolution. But, the point we are trying to make, is that there is still MASSIVE potential, because by the time it becomes the 'norm', to purchase on the internet - and this WILL happen, what better place to be, than already having a fully-fledged internet business ready to make some serious sales.

Within 5 years, we estimate that 9 out of every 10 purchases will be on the internet, from websites just like yours. People who leave this opportunity on the back-burner, will be too late, because by this time, already established companies will be 2 steps ahead, due to the knowledge they have already gained by owning a website business - YOU can now be one of them - why wait.

There are certain periods in everyone's lifetime, when serious opportunities arise to really make a difference to your life. In 10 years from now, you will be reading about how X amount of people made a fortune on the internet by creating a business at exactly the right time.

We believe this time is NOW, no question about it.

By deciding to start your website business with DropshipLand, you will be receiving the following fantastic website benefits:

8 Amazing  Free Templates Included.. Your website will be loaded with up to 9000+ products.
Lifetime Membership to Dropshipland.
Products are updated daily with via XML data-feed.
Personalise your website with complete control.
8 New professional templates installed. 
Add your own Banners.
Sitemap installed on your website.
Add your own website name.
Add your own products to your website (FREE!).
 Dedicated FREE technical support - telephone & email
Change the template of your website with one click.
Update the product prices all at once with 2 clicks.
Configure global store discounts.
Discount coupon management tool.
Complete website Control Panel.
Use any domain name of your choice.
Order confirmation is sent via email to you and your buyer.
Make even more money by adding Google Adsense to your website.
Hosting is only £7.95 per month - 24p per day. You can even save a massive 50% off the hosting by paying yearly!!
Instant access to new products as we source them.
You get 2 FREE software packages, containing 306 niche products, that come with complete, and legal resale rights
Optimized for Search Engines. Add your own keywords, title, description, links.html page

Other Fantastic Features that are included in your website package.

A FREE 0844 telephone number, with no monthly costs, or set up fees
Access 100+ of the very best UK wholesale sources
link-exchange integration - meaning quicker rises up the search engines
You will also receive Lifetime membership to DropshipLand, and we are offering you the combined Membership and Website package for only £79.95 using your own domain name*. - this is less than the price of a night out - and will generate you a fantastic income - It really is the most amazing package available on the internet today.



Please also remember, that these are fully working websites, and YOU will own them, they are not scaled down versions, but you will have complete control of them, and the administration area.

Complete Website Superstore - Lifetime Membership:

Platinum Membership, is our Superstore option, whereby your new website will be preinstalled with up to 9000 fantastic products for you to make even more profits from, including Beauty products, Aftershaves/Perfumes, Lingerie, inkjet cartridges,  Sports-Ware, and Football products, and much more. Creating a virtual superstore of products for you to profit from. Very few websites on the internet will have this many products - and also remember that all the products are updated for you every day, leaving you to concentrate on orders. Hosting only £7.95 per month.

Examples of the websites can be seen by clicking the following images:


8 Fantastic, Professional Templates ALL included in your Website

Please click Screenshots below (they will open in a new page)

Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!! Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!! Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!! Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!!

Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!! Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!! Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!! Click Here To See Template - You get ALL 8 templates!!

(Templates may change, as we improve them)

Now you have seen the examples of the fantastic website businesses we have to offer you, below is a list of benefits you will get with our complete Business Membership:

Lifetime Membership To Dropshipland.com.

A professionally installed website containing up to 9000 products - depending on which website package you decide best suits your requirements. Also, if you choose the Full Product Range Superstore, ANY future product ranges Dropshipland add to our inventory will AUTOMATICALLY be added to your website.

Website hosting at a fixed low cost of only £7.95 per month, with the option to save a massive 50% by paying yearly in advance. Adding Adsense to your website could even mean you are in profit immediately. Hosting is therefore approx. 16 pence per day!! Amazing Value.

60 minute website   free technical support

Dedicated Telephone and Email Support for total piece of mind - Got a problem, give the support team a call. Help is always at hand. Just a phone call, or email away.

Online user manual explaining everything you need to do, and can do with your new website. NO technical knowledge is required. You just type the question into the box and our support website will find you the answer.


Daily Updates. Your new website is updated EVERY single day, to add new products. Your website is directly linked to our own using a database feed. Your new website will also show the quantities of items at all times, meaning you can see in real time how many items there are left in our warehouse - giving you complete control.

Free 0844 Telephone number. This number is completely free of charge and can give your new business website a totally professional feel to prospective customers. You do NOT need an additional telephone line for this, as it 'sits' over the top of your existing phone-line - Great!!

We are sure you will agree: An absolutely fantastic website business for you to profit from. Your website will be online in the next 60 minutes. Join Now

Please choose your website membership by clicking the green buy-now button below, and have your fantastic new business online in under 60 minutes - Then let the whole world become your market...


Join DropshipLand today, and be in business inside 5 minutes, or have your very own website business inside 60 minutes. No other company in the world can offer you such a service. Find out for yourself why the whole country is talking about us. We very much look forward to working with you.


DropshipLand, Making Your Home Working Dreams a Reality


Copyright www.DropshipLand.com All Rights Reserved 2006 - 2011  Professional World-Wide Dropshipping

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Your Own Website
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